Workshops and Retreats

2009 SPRING Schedule
Sundays 10 am - 12:30 pm    JUNE 7, JULY 19

Continuum Movement is a visionary inquiry into ourselves as fluid organisms that communicate, innovate and invoke new frontiers of existence. We explore the body as a creative and unfolding process of movement that connects us to all life, from the cosmic to the molecular.

By invoking primary breath, sound and fluid movement practices we embark on the journey of self discovery and healing.


  • Internally awaken to the richness of what it means to be fully alive
  • Dissolve physical and emotional constraints while liberating the spirit
  • Increase flexiblility, adaptablity
  • Expand movement possiblilities for healing and regeneration
  • Restore vitallity, sense of well-being

In this encouraging and supportive environment, we strengthen and develop trust in our own primal wisdom and body knowing.

Cost : $30 per class
Special One Time Offer! 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
Bring a friend or family member and split the cost

Location:   Barbara’s home studio
830 N. Ford Street, Burbank, CA 91505

CONTACT 818-762-2916

SECRETS OF HEALING with Barbara Mindell
Sundays 10 am - 2 pm    MAY 31, JUNE 21, JULY 26

Cost: $60 per class
Special One Time Offer! 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE
Bring a friend or family member and split the cost.

Behind every healing process, there are hidden elements that work a kind of magical transformation. What are the underlying factors that are preventing your healing from occurring?

Using the fluid elements of Continuum Movement, breath, sensation, attention and sound you will

  • Discover how the “obstacle” becomes the teacher
  • Learn to increase the flow of healing energy in your body
  • Create an internal climate that is conducive to healing and change
  • EXPLORE HEALING AS a life enhancing process
  • dissolve density and move though constraints in your system

The focus will be on your specific issues and individual concerns as they relate to chronic pain, fatigue, stress, recovery from illness, injury and surgery, creative blocks and emotional and spiritual hEALTH Cost: $60 per class Location: Barbara’s Home Studio 830 N. Ford St., Burbank CA 91505